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This week I decided to move over my blog to Blogger for a few reasons, but the main ones boiled down to spam and the inconvenience of hosting my own blog.

The spam problem was outrageous, I would leave my blog for a week only to find literally hundreds of spam comments. I'd write a script to weed out the new spam comments and I'd improve the anti-spam measures and CAPTCHA's. The next week the same exact thing would happen. Note to self and others: CAPTCHA's do nothing against determined spammers. I could require people to create accounts with my blog in order to comment, but who would go to the trouble to sign up just to comment?

I also got a little tired of keeping up a server for this blog. Our internet and power go out way to much for me to trust anything on my sites. My poor little server could never keep up when a site experienced the Digg or Reddit effect, either. I also found out the hard way that server motherboards will not survive nearby strikes of lightning. That was fun.

Well, it's been real. Let's take a moment to pour over all the great memories we used to have together:

OK enough of that. We live in the present. Over the next week or so, I'll be phasing out the site and eventually shutting it down, with the exception of a few data folders that might need to stay up. This is the first post not on the old blog. Here's to change for the better.

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