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I've been working on a new site on and off for the past month and the fruit of my labor has finally surfaced:

Hotsteeze is an action sports site for logging (and sharing, if you want) tricks that you have learned. Skateboarding and other action sports, ever since they began, have been very disorganized. The best collection of tricks up to now has been all the videos scattered throughout YouTube. I've been working on cataloging as many tricks as possible. Hopefully, the database of tricks will provide a more conductive environment for discovering new tricks to learn.

Hotsteeze still has a long way to go to get to where I picture it being, but I hope to continue work on it for a long time.
I've been looking at "Code" again, and I decided to design functioning CPUs from what I learned in it. Normally CPUs are designed in HDLs such as VHDL and Verilog, but these languages take transistors out of the equation. Since it would be my first CPU, I decided to use Logisim because it had more of a simulation interface and let design with individual transistors. I put the fruits of my labor on my Github. The last design still needs a little of work, but all the other designs are fully functioning.

My next project is to design a more complex CPU using Verilog. I'll write up a dedicated post on it once I make more progress. For the time being you can follow the work at this Github page. I'm also planning on writing low-level code for the Beagleboard XM I got as a Christmas present.